- Your life is about to change -

Finding a soulmate in today's world is no easy task, regardless of your age or social class.

One's emotional life is as important as one's professional life, and needs to be treated with the same attention and care.

Friends are already in stable relationships. Time is finite. We don't want to mix business with our personal lives, and we end up seeing the same people over and over again.

The need to get help becomes more and more urgent.

This is where we come in.

We feel our calling is to bring happiness to people by helping them find their soulmate and change their lives.

Even if the road sometimes seems long, happiness is always closer than you might think.

Geting help from the Atoutcoeurs dating agency means opting for a positive approach and giving yourself the tools you need to make the right choices and enter a successful long-term relationship.

The solution is right there waiting for you: just contact The Atoutcoeurs dating agency!

Please take the time to review the services we provide:



Our Approach: The Key to Our Success

A far cry from virtual dating services, The Atoutcoeurs dating agency gives priority to human interaction. The first step is a 1.5-hour interview with the agency's manager.

This initial interview is needed to determine the expectations and preferences of each of our future members looking for a stable and serious relationship, as well as to learn about your past and experience.

Communication and open dialogue are always key in our agency.

We then write up your profile in as realistic and coherent a way possible, before sending it to you for approval of the form and content.

In addition, every profile we show you is anonymous, but extremely detailed. Unlike other agencies, always include a photograph of the other member before meeting them.

We strive to avoid wasting your time, only showing you profiles that are likely to appeal to you and match your hopes and preferences.

Doing so allows us to put the odds in your favour, because you are our priority.

You are never under any obligation to meet a member. We select the profile, but you choose who you meet.

The agency's manager follows up after every date to see how things are going. We are available every day of the week by e-mail or telephone – it's up to you!

This approach is what has made our agency so successful since it was founded, and has paved the way for a number of our members to achieve happiness, with our help, through a fulfilling emotional life.



If needed, our coaching service is available to all Atoutcoeurs members.

Upon request, our coach will help you overcome obstacles and preconceived beliefs that are holding you back and preventing you from living a fulfilling life of commitment.

Here are a few examples of the obstacles our coach can help you overcome:

  • a former love interest you are struggling to let go of grieving
  • getting trapped in your role as a parent
  • being afraid of failure
  • exploring your talents and highlighting what makes you special
  • finding a style to match your personality – hair, make-up, clothes, and the importance of colour combinations – and give you a helping hand in meeting that special someone
  • feeling confident when meeting your date

Our approach is there to provide solutions, but nothing will ever be forced on you.
We put everything in motion to bring you personal fulfilment and ensure that you achieve your dream of experiencing long-lasting happiness with your significant other.



Astrology: The Key to Succeeding in Love

Love is the key to the heart and the soul.

We already know this. We are looking for love, but somehow we get lost in the maze of love that surrounds us.

Who should we choose? Who should we give our love to? How are we supposed to recognise that special someone when we find him or her?

Astrology can provide us with a great deal of support in navigating this maze of questions.

Few are aware of the fact that our character traits, personality, limitations, strengths and weaknesses, and our good qualities are set in stone the day we are born.

A birth chart reading is the first step toward better self-awareness.

For the better we know ourselves, the better we are able to make decisions about our love lives.

Who are we really, in our heart of hearts? What are we actually looking for?

Our professional astrologist, specialised in love and relationships, will guide you through the magnificent adventure of finding love.

Once your significant other is found and you are fully aware of who you are inside, our specialist can also help you successfully navigate your new relationship, performing a synastry reading in which your partner's birth chart is compared to your own.

This second step will help you to better understand this new relationship, and teach you how you might need to adapt in one way or another to put the odds in your favour.

Soulmates, kindred spirits, lovers' planets – everything is written in our cards, but nothing is set in stone.

Together, let's discover what awaits in your universe of love..


- Ten good reasons -


I   Your first meeting with us is non-binding and free of charge.
We give you time to think about choosing us.

II   We organise personalised one-on-one dates for all ages.
Our members range in age from 25 to 85 years old.
Singles, divorced, widowers, looking to enter a stable and lasting relationship.

III   We pay close attention to the profiles of our members and give pride of place to providing high-quality service.

IV   Our ambassadors are available every day of the week including public holidays for a first meeting or to get your feedback after a date.
We are a dynamic team, organizing regular brainstormings to constantly improve the service to our members.

V   Discretion, respect for privacy, and total confidentiality are vital to us. We do not publish anonymous want ads or blog posts advertising our members on our website, in newspapers and magazines, or elsewhere on the internet.

VI   We pay attention to your hopes and preferences.
We select the profile, but you choose who you meet.
You are never under any obligation to accept a date.

VII   Do you have very specific preferences ? Tell us about them and we will cater our services to your particular needs and desires.

VIII   It is of utmost importance to us that you do not waste your time and meet people matching with your search criteria.
That’s why we have decided, unlike the other agencies, to systematically add a picture of the person to the suggested profile.

IX   We treat our members like VIPs and are very sensitive to small attentions that will make the difference.

X   We organize very qualitative thematic events : gastronomy, art, travelling, golf, riding, lectures … this in order to offer even more opportunities to meet premium profiles in another context. Those events are open to non-members by invitation.

The Key to Our Success



Get to know better here our Atoutcoeurs-Luxembourg ambassadors

Claire Mottart

Agence matrimoniale Atoutcoeurs Luxembourg
T. +32 495 20 83 87

Sabine Pasquier

Agence matrimoniale Atoutcoeurs Luxembourg
T. +33 674 42 67 50
T. +32 479 03 34 98



Atoutcoeurs-Luxembourg Partnerships

The founder Claire Mottart is currently in charge of the development of the Atoutcoeurs dating agency and is looking for Atoutcoeurs Ambassadors in Luxembourg, Belgium and France or on a more international level.

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